Procida is to be the official Italian capital of culture in 2022. A few days ago, the Chairman of the Jury Panel,  Stefano Baia Curoni announced the verdict to the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Dario Franceschini.

To the ringing slogan “culture never isolates”, this small Mediterranean island (just over 10,000 inhabitants), beat off the other 10 Italian finalists to become the first small town to be chosen as the Italian capital of culture. Becouse, till now the other culture capitals have always been regional or provincial capitals.

Procida will take over from Parma, which, due to the pandemic,had its title extended through 2021.

barche ormeggiate

Port of Procida


Visit the event’s official website of “Procida Italian capital of culture 2022” to see the rich range of event and cultural programme which includes:

44 cultural projects

330 days of planning

240 artists

40 original works

8 regenerated cultural spaces

Everything will be categorised in line with  fivethemed areas or contexts:

– Procida invents.Organising and planning art-related events: exhibitions, cinema, performances and site-specific installations.

– Procida inspires. Projects that that focus on and celebrate the island as a source of inspiration, both as a real place and as a space for the imaginary.

– Procida includes. Social inclusion projects which exploit the languages of art as instruments of expression. These highlight emarginated individuals in relation to the community.

– Procida innovates. Schemes and projects to promote the relationship between culture and innovation. The idea is to confront and compare Italian innovators in general with local innovators, part of a strategic rethinkingof Procida’s own cultural heritage.

– Procida learns. Projects to promote strengthening education, schools and teachers through the creation of open partnerships. These seek to involveeveryone in both the public and private sections of society

colorful houses

Procida view


The jury panel announced Procida’s victory with this statement

“Procida’s cultural project presents elements of attractiveness and quality at an excellent level and context of regional public and private support is well structured. The heritage and landscape aspects of the site are outstanding. The laboratory dimension, which includes social aspects of technological dissemination, while dedicated to the Tyrrhenian islands, is relevant to all small Mediterranean islands. Certainly, thanks to the combination of these factors, this project could bring about a genuine boost to  the area and represent a model for sustainable processes of culturally-based development in Italy’s  islands and coastal areas.
In conclusion the Procida project is also imbued with a poetic message, a vision of culture that from the small reality of the island extends outwards as a wish for us all, to all of Italy and the Mediterraneanin the difficult months ahead.”

Bourbon prison

D’avalos Palace in Procida

Curosities of Procida Italian capital of culture 2022

Procida is the smallest of the three island pearls of the Gulf of Naples. Of volcanic origin, Procida was probably the first Neapolitan island to be inhabited. In fact, archaeological shows that as early as the 16th-15th centuries BC, the small island of Vivara (now uninhabited) was chosen as a residence by Mycenaean colonists.

Procida Town Municipality has dedicated one week of the year to culture for many years. In fact, the literary prize dedicated to the famed writer Elsa Morante is awarded during Procida Culture Week, established long before Procida was chosen as culture capital.


Vivara island

How to get to Procida

From Capo International Airport: you can get on Alibus to Piazzale Immacolatella Nuova. Then you can choose a ferry to Porta di Massa or continue to Molo Beverello, where you can take a hydrofoil to Procida.

From Central Station in Naples: you can get on Alibus to Piazzale Immacolatella Nuova (follow Airport tips) or you can get on any train to Campi Flegrei and your stop will be Municipio Square station and walk to the port.

By car: enter in A3 highway, take the gate “Napoli Centro/Porto”. Keep right and take the gate “Porto”.

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