Tour n°’05 – Full Day

Pompeii & Wine Tasting

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Tour n. 5: Pompeii & Wine Tasting

From: Naples / Sorrento / Amalfi / Salerno

Duration: 8 ½ hours

Pick–up:  8:00

Drop Off: 16:30

Price from: € 50,00 p.p

Tour Service

Included: Deluxe Mercedes Vehicle, English speaking driver, water bottle 500 ml, free Wi-Fi on board, All tolls, parking, petrol.

Not Included: Entrance tickets (where applicable), meals, tips, Authorized guide (available on request).

Note: Every itinerary, the time of the pick-up and drop-off can be modified to fit any special need or request.


The city is as old as the ancient Rome: the first settlements began about 700 years B.C.

Since then, in spite of wars and political difficulties, Pompeii had a constant development. This came to an end in 62 A.D., for a very powerful earthquake, and then in 79 A.D., because of Mount Vesuvius eruption: a huge rain of ash and stones covered completely the ancient city, and Pompeii was buried under 20 feet of volcanic materials.

The ancient city was accidentally discovered by the Neapolitan engineer Domenico Fontana in 1594, but the excavations began only in 1748, during Charles of Bourbon reign.

Today Pompeii is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world, and some excavations are still going on.

Wine Tasting

There is a pretty family winery on the volcanic slopes of Mount Vesuvius, where can tasting some wines, including the famous Lacryma Christi.
The legend say that Lucifer, after being expelled from Heaven, stole a piece of Paradise and used it to build the Bay of Naples. When Christ saw the bay wept over the loss; it is Said That vines of Lacryma Christi miraculously sprang from the earth where His tears fell.