Tour n°11 – Full Day

Path of the Gods and lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast

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Tour n. 11: Path of the Gods and lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast

From: Naples / Sorrento / Amalfi / Salerno

Duration: 8 ½ hours

Pick–up:  8:00

Drop-Off: 16:30

Price from: € 110,00 p.p

Tour Service

Included: Deluxe Mercedes Vehicle, English speaking driver, lunch, free Wi-Fi on board, All tolls, parking, petrol.

Not Included: Entrance tickets (where applicable), tips.

Note: Every itinerary, the time of the pick-up and drop-off can be modified to fit any special need or request.

We all know that walking is good for you. It helps prevent joint, heart and lung problems, but above all, it’s an activity that takes place away from crowded places. In fact, the ‘Path of the Gods’ and visit to the ‘lemon grove’ excursion takes place mainly in the open air, minimising the environmental impact and making this tour environmentally sustainable.

At the pre-arranged meeting point you will meet a professional driver who will take you to the heart of the Lattari Mountains, where with a local expert (nature guide) you will walk for about 3 hours along one of the most scenic and famous trails in Italy… The Path of the Gods!

The Path of the Gods

The name of this famous trekking route comes from Greek mythology. Legend has it that Ulysses sailed among the islets that can be seen along the way, the Li Galli archipelago, while trying to return to his beloved Penelope. In the Odyssey we read that the sirens of the area tried in vain to bewitch Ulysses with their song. The Olympian gods, worried about the fate of the Greek hero, went to earth and from the Monti Lattari (where they landed) headed towards the sea, thus ploughing the future ‘path of the Gods.

– difference in altitude 200 metres, approx 7 km, easy going

Lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast

After walking through the beautiful Mediterranean scrub in Nocelle (a hamlet of Positano), you will meet your trusty driver again who will take you to a typical lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast. Here, after a refreshing lunch, a local expert will accompany you through the local lemon groves and will show you, as well as the various techniques of lemon cultivation, all the secrets of preparing one of the oldest local liqueurs (the first recipes date back to 1400) … Limoncello!

This itinerary has been designed with the aim of minimising environmental impact. Therefore, at the end of the tour, the ‘carbon footprint (the amount of CO2 produced during the excursion) will be calculated and compensated with the purchase of carbon credits.