Tour n°10 – Full Day

Food Tour and Pizza School in Naples

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Tour n. 10: Food Tour and Pizza School in Naples

From: Naples / Sorrento / Amalfi / Salerno

Duration: 8 ½ hours

Pick–up:  8:00

Drop-Off: 16:30

Price from: € 96,00 p.p

Tour Service

Included: Deluxe Mercedes Vehicle, English speaking driver, lunch, free Wi-Fi on board, All tolls, parking, petrol.

Not Included: Entrance tickets (where applicable), tips.

Note: Every itinerary, the time of the pick-up and drop-off can be modified to fit any special need or request.

Visiting Naples means immersing oneself in a setting of extraordinary complexity and beauty – 2,500 years of history represented and reconstructed by artistic and architectural evidence of enormous value. The museums display collections of works of art and archaeological finds that are among the most important and richest in the world.

However, not everyone knows that for a local, the most precious treasures are to be found in the kitchen!  This is why a Food Tour and a pizza school in Naples are the ideal experience for those who want to immerse themselves in the colourful Neapolitan culture.

At the pre-arranged meeting point, you will be met by a professional driver who will take you to the heart of the historic centre, where a local expert will show you the world of Neapolitan street food.

In keeping with tradition, the day begins with the ritual of coffee. This drink, originally imported by Venetian merchants, owes its fortune to Maria Carolina D’Asburgo. In 1768, after her marriage to Ferdinand of Bourbon, she decided to introduce coffee to the Neapolitan court as well (as it was already in use in her Vienna) and from here it quickly spread throughout the Kingdom of the two Sicilies.

During the food tour, there will be no shortage of opportunities to taste a sfogliatella, a typical Neapolitan ricotta cake.  The sfogliatella was born in 1600 at the intuition of a nun from the Convent of Santa Rosa located on the Amalfi Coast. In Naples, however, it arrived 200 years later thanks to the innkeeper Pasquale Pintauro who, after making some small changes, started making the cake in his small workshop which you can find today on Via Toledo.

After your walk through the historic centre, you will find your trusty driver again who will take you to pizza school!

Here, together with a master pizza maker, you will prepare your own pizza Margherita (baking it in a real wood-fired oven) and discover all the secrets that make this pizza so tasty and world-famous.

At the end of lunch, your private driver will take you to the most panoramic point of the city to take the last photos of the day before returning.