Tour n°10 – Full Day

Paestum & Cheese Factory

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Tour n. 10: Paestum – Cheese Factory

Da: Naples / Sorrento / Amalfi / Salerno

Duration: 8 ½ hours

Pick–up:  8:00

Drop Off: 16:30

Tour Service

Included: Deluxe Mercedes Vehicle, English speaking driver, water bottle 500 ml, free Wi-Fi on board, All tolls, parking, petrol.

Not Included: Entrance tickets (where applicable), meals, tips, Authorized guide (available on request).

Note: Every itinerary, the time of the pick-up and drop-off can be modified to fit any special need or request.

Paestum & Cheese Factory

About 90 km in the south of Naples, you can find the ruins of one of the most important colonies of the Great Greece… Paestum! Its origins date back to the VI century b. C., when a Greek colony from Sibari decided to settle down in the Southern area of the Sele river; the new polis was called Poseidonia.

Later, it became a very important Roman colony, for its port. For the malaria, and the pillages made by the Saracens, Paestum was abandoned in the VIII century a.D. The ancient town was recovered in the XVIII century, when Charles, the Bourbon king of Naples, decided to restore the ancient Greek temples, and some of the structures of the Roman town.

During the guided tour of the ruins, you will see some of the most important buildings: the Basilica (it was the Greek temple dedicated to Hera, built in 550 b.C.), the temple of Neptune (or Poseidon, probably dedicated to Hera, like the Basilica, and built in 450 b.C.), and the Temple of Ceres (built in 500 b.C., probably dedicated to Athena), the Greek Ekklesiasterion, the Roman Forum, the Amphitheater, and all the artifacts kept in the Archaeological museum.

After the tour you can visit a famous local cheese factory and taste the local produce!

Did you know each kilo of mozzarella cheese needs around 4 liters milk?